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Our psychologists have experience and advanced training to competently work with a wide variety of client populations. As a result, we are likely to have a psychologist on our team who can assist you with your psychology needs. Call now! 

Broad client groups that we provide direct services to, include:

  • children: 3-12yrs
  • teenagers: 13-17yrs
  • adults: 18-65yrs
  • seniors:  65yrs+
  • couples: any couplings
  • families:  any structure
  • parents:  of infants to young adults
  • groups:  e.g. students, workers
  • special populations:  see below

We also provide direct and indirect services to organisations, third party referrers and other stakeholders.

Special populations

Based on the training and experience of our psychologists, the special populations we cater for include:

  • people with mental illness (psychosocial disability)
  • victims of crime, motor vehicle accidents and other traumatic life events
  • survivors of childhood abuse and other complex traumas
  • war veterans, ADF members, and their families
  • victims of bullying or harassment
  • people with chronic disease or a serious medical condition
  • people with intellectual disability
  • refugees, migrants and asylum seekers
  • couples with fertility or pregnancy concerns
  • sex and gender diverse people (LGBTI)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • offenders and people with problematic behaviours


Organisations and agencies we work with or provide psychology services to include:

  • schools (primary and secondary)
  • child protection agencies
  • victim services
  • department of defence
  • veteran’s affairs
  • disability services
  • refugee services
  • aged-care services
  • other mental health services
  • welfare and human service agencies
  • corrective services
  • youth justice
  • courts and tribunals

Referrers and Stakeholders

To assist our clients, we work with a range of third party referrers and stakeholders including:

  • medical professionals
  • allied health professionals
  • teachers and school staff
  • legal and justice professionals
  • insurers and compensation schemes
  • employers
  • and the above organisations and agencies

We also offer training and consultancy services to those referrers and stakeholders.

*The safety and welfare of our staff and clients is our priority in accepting referrals. If we are unable to accept a particular referral for any reason, we will make all reasonable efforts to facilitate a referral to an appropriate service.

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