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Our Vision, Objectives & Values

Q-Psych psychologists are committed to the following vision, mission, purpose, objectives and values.

vision 220 x 151Our Vision

To be a model of best practice in the delivery of psychology services. To achieve this vision we will commit to our mission and objectives, be guided by our values, and regularly review and improve our practices, services and conduct.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide best practice psychology services in a safe and supportive environment that fosters the development of collaborative relationships and aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for all clients and stakeholders. To achieve our mission, our psychologists commit to practicing in accordance with best practice standards and principles and to continuously developing their professional skills and knowledge for the benefit of clients, stakeholders and the profession” (Director, Q-Psych).

Our Purpose and Objectives

Q-Psych was established for one key purpose: to enable more Queenslanders to benefit from psychology.

To achieve this goal, the following six objectives were identified and actioned:

provide a quality best-practice service (competent, professional, ethical and client-focused) to maximise client outcomes and satisfaction with psychology;

tick purpleestablish a team of highly-qualified psychologists with diverse training, interests and experiences to ensure an appropriate client-practitioner fit;

tick bluemake quality psychology services more accessible to Queenslanders by addressing barriers to access, including  financial, geographical and psychological barriers;

tick greenoffer a broad range of client services within the one organisation for convenience, collaboration and cost-effectiveness;

tick yelloweducate the community and other professionals about the wide scope of areas that psychology can assist with, beyond the medical model of mental health treatment;

tick orangework effectively and professionally with referrers and stakeholders to maximise client and stakeholder outcomes.

These objectives are supported by our values.

Our Values

Our core values describe what we stand for: Q.P.S.Y.C.H.

Queensland owned and operated.

We care about people living in Queensland and have a mutual interest in assisting those in need to pursue full and productive lives. We also understand many of the issues and concerns affecting Queenslanders at a given point in time and are familiar with Queensland agencies, services and legislation that may be relevant to our clients.


We observe professional and ethical standards, apply best practice principles, and conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner. We also strive to deliver a professional service and maintain a professional practice setting for the benefit of our staff, clients and visitors.

Safety and support.

We take a preventative approach to safety by adopting ethical practices and safety procedures to protect the welfare of our clients, our staff and the wider community. We are also concerned with reducing behaviours that harm or threaten the safety of others; teaching skills and behaviours to protect the vulnerable; and supporting victims of childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment and other traumatic experiences.

Your best interests.

We have our clients’ best interests in mind at all times and act to protect them. We also strive to do the best for our clients and to never harm them. We respect and promote their autonomy and self-determination, without judgement, and tailor our approach to suit their individual needs, capabilities and wishes.


We strive for professional competence and are continually developing our professional skills and knowledge through further education, supervision, feedback and self-reflection. We also recognise and work within our limits of competence and only provide services where we have adequate training or experience.

Helpful and collaborative.

We are committed to collaboratively helping all clients to achieve their goals, experience positive outcomes, and learn lasting skills. We are also committed to helping the families and carers of our clients through education, support, advice and collaborative care.

Q-Psych values our psychologists and other staff and recognises all are critical to our ability to deliver high quality services and achieve positive outcomes.  

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