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Depression Prevention Program (13-18yrs)

The Coping with Stress (CWS) program  is a research-based depression prevention program for adolescents (13-18 yrs) at risk of developing a depressive disorder and/or who are experiencing symptoms of depression.

Using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques, the CWS program teaches at-risk teenagers how to identify and manage unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that may contribute to the development and maintenance of future mood disorders. The program also provides psycho-education about depression and its relation to stress, and teaches teens skills to manage stressful situations, build resilience and prevent the ‘blues’.

Research found that adolescents with elevated depressive symptoms who completed the CWS program had significantly lower incidence rates (14.5%) of depression over a 12 month period, than adolescents who did not participate in the CWS program (25.7%) (Clarke, Hawkins, Murphy, Sheeber, Lewinsohn & Seeley, 1995).

What’s involved? 
The CWS program involves 10 x 1.5 hour sessions (15hrs total), over an 10 week period, and includes a 30-minute intake session prior to participation. Group sizes are kept small (6-8 participants) for teens only to attend. Parents are required to attend the intake session and are encouraged to support their teens with home tasks between sessions.

CWS is a prevention program targeting adolescents at increased risk of developing a depressive disorder. Risk factors may include, having experienced a past episode of depression, reporting persistent depressive symptoms (dysthymia), having a parent/s with a history of depression, and/or having some other known risk factor for depression. The program is not intended for adolescents in a current Major Depressive episode or diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Teens with those concerns are recommended for individual sessions with a Q-Psych psychologist. Please contact us if you are unsure which option may be most suitable for your teenager.

It is recommended that teens be assessed by their GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist, to determine the most appropriate intervention based on the severity of their symptoms. The program facilitator will also conduct an assessment of each teen’s psychological functioning during the intake process (and again, at completion of the program to assess improvement). Teenagers referred by their medical practitioner under a Mental Health Treatment Plan will be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

The next CWS program will be offered at Q-Psych when a sufficient number of parents have registered their teen’s interest (register here). Sessions will be conducted after school on a weekday that suits the majority of registered parents (note your preference when you register!).

The program is conducted at Q-Psych’s psychology centre in Grange (central location). Bus stops at our door make it convenient for students to travel directly from school to CWS. Free on-site parking also available. Address and map available here.

Jade Jensen (Q-Psych Psychologist)

$45 per teen session (x 15hr) = $675 before rebates (see rebate amounts below).  Cost includes:

  • 15.5hrs of group intervention, plus
  • 30min individual intake session, plus
  • comprehensive teen workbook (published by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research)

Medicare rebates
Teens participating in the CWS program may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $216.50.  To receive the Medicare rebate, participants must be referred by their GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist for group treatment under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care  initiative.

Gap fee (cost to you)  
Total gap fee (out-of-pocket-expenses), where a teen receives the Medicare rebate = $458.50 per teen

*Families who have reached their Medicare Safety Net may receive a 80% rebate of their gap fee (capped). To register for the safety net or to find out more, call Medicare on 13 20 11.   

Private health
Participants may be eligible for private health rebates and private health funds may rebate more than Medicare for group treatment services. Please check your policy with your private health insurer. NB: Medicare and private health rebates can not be claimed for the same service.

To secure a place on the course, the full cost of the program is to be paid prior to commencing.  Medicare and private health rebates can be processed on-site at Q-Psych at the time of attending each session. Rebates can only be claimed for sessions attended. In the case of Medicare, six participants must be in attendance to qualify for the rebate (Medicare rule, not ours!). The course may be cancelled or rescheduled if minimum numbers are not confirmed by the payment due date. Payments will be fully refunded if the program is cancelled, but payments are not refundable once the program is confirmed to proceed.

Individual sessions
If you would prefer, individual therapy sessions are also available at $170 per hour, before rebates. Clients assessed to have a mental illness may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $84.80 per individual session.  To qualify for the Medicare rebate, participants must be referred by their GP or psychiatrist for six individual treatment sessions under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. The gap fee per session, after receiving Medicare rebate = $85.20 or less if you qualify for the Medicare Safety Net*.

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