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Study Without Stress®

iStock_000009662633XSmall (2)Study Without Stress® (SWoS) is a psycho-educational program designed to equip year 11 and 12 students with knowledge and tips on how to approach and effectively manage the increased workload, stress and pressures associated with undertaking their senior certificate. The skills learned in SWoS are also helpful in managing stress associated with exams and performing more effectively at school, generally.

Developed at Macquarie University, the SWoS program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques and focuses on reducing anxiety, teaching study skills and helping students to:

  • learn about stress and anxiety (causes, symptoms, etc)
  • understand how stress and anxiety affect school performance
  • manage expectations and beliefs about their senior certificate
  • understand perfectionism and procrastination
  • learn how to deal with exam stress and work avoidance
  • challenge negative and unhelpful thinking
  • build good study habits and create effective timetables
  • learn to better prepare for exams, set goals and problem-solve, and
  • learn how to create a healthy study-life balance

Please note, SWoS does not cover school curriculum or subject content (please refer to relevant school staff for help with specific subject revision). 

What’s involved?
The program involves 6 x 1.5 hour sessions (9hrs total), usually over 8 weeks. Group sizes are kept small (approx. 6 participants) for students only to attend. There are some short home tasks to complete between sessions, for students to practice their skills and facilitate their learning. Students can also complete the program on an individual basis with a Q-Psych psychologist.

SWoS is suitable for year 11 and 12 students currently or soon undertaking their senior certificate.  The program is not intended as an intervention for students experiencing clinical anxiety or depression. More suitable options for students with those concerns are the Chilled® anxiety program, the Adolescent Coping with Depression program, or individual sessions with a Q-Psych psychologist. Please contact us if you are unsure which option may be most suitable for your student.

The next SWoS program will be offered at Q-Psych when a sufficient number of parents have registered their student’s interest (register here). Sessions will be conducted after school on a weekday that suits the majority of registered parents (note your preference when you register!).

*Please note that, for student’s to gain most benefit from the program, the SWoS is typically offered in the first half of the school year. As such, the program is not likely to be offered again until Term 2, 2019. Don’t miss out. Register now!

The program is conducted at Q-Psych’s psychology centre in Grange (central location). Bus stops at our door make it convenient for students to travel directly from school to SWoS. Free on-site parking also available. Address and map available here.

Shannon Strecker (Educational & Developmental Psychologist)

$50 per student per hour (x 9hrs) = $450.00 total.  Cost includes:

  • 9hrs of group sessions, plus
  • comprehensive workbook (published by Macquarie University), plus
  • materials and handouts, plus
  • afternoon tea

Individual sessions
Individual sessions are also available at $170 per hour.

Medicare rebates are not available for participation in the SWoS program. Some private health funds may provide a rebate (please check with your private health insurer).

The full cost of the program is to be paid prior to commencing.  Any eligible private health rebates can be processed on-site at Q-Psych at the time of attending each session. Rebates can only be claimed for sessions attended.

Register today!

Call now or click here to register your interest in the SWoS program. Group numbers are limited.