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Sleep Problems

Insomnia may be present with a variety of symptoms, including difficulties falling asleep, difficulties maintaining sleep, and waking unrefreshed. Poor sleep may impact on daytime function including concentration and memory difficulties, and tiredness and fatigue. Sufferers often snack on sugary foods to help increase energy levels and this in turn may lead to problems with being over-weight and associated medical conditions such as diabetes and poor cardio-respiratory fitness.

How can a psychologist help?

If you suffer from sleep problems, our sleep psychologists will provide you with basic knowledge about sleep physiology and sleep hygiene, and commence a program of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is research-based treatment for sleep.  You will also be asked to keep a sleep diary so that your psychologist can better identify patterns of behaviours, which impact on sleep difficulties. You can read more about the benefits of CBT for sleep here.  If you would like help with your sleep problems, please contact Q-Psych and ask to be booked with one of our sleep psychologists.

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