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Please tick the program/s you would like to register your interest in and click send. Submitting your details here does not commit you to a program but will reserve you a place on our waitlist and help with schedule planning. In most instances, program schedules will be organised when sufficient interest has been received and based on each cohort's preferences (day/time). In some instances, programs will be scheduled in advance with details provided on our website. Programs can fill fast, so secure your place today!

For children

Cool Kids, for anxious children and their parents (7-12yrs)Cool Kids, for anxious children with ASD and their parents (gr 2-6)Protective Behaviours, for children (3yrs-12yrs)

For adolescents

Chilled, for anxious teens and their parents (12-17yrs)Adolescent Depression Prevention, for teens at risk of depression (13-18yrs)Study Without Stress (QCE), for grade 11-12 students

For adults

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners, for adultsPartners with Depression, for partners/carers of an adult with depressionPost-traumatic stress, for sufferers of PTSDAnger management, for men*Relapse prevention, for adults with drug or alcohol problems*

For parents and carers

Cool Kids, for parents of pre-school children (2-6yrs)1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching, for parents of children (2-12yrs)Engaging Adolescents, for parents of teens (13-18yrs)Protective Behaviours, for parents*

For people with a disability

Stepping Stones, for adults with an intellectual disability

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