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Referral Process

We accept referrals from a wide range of stakeholders for anyone, with any need, and anywhere*. 

Referrals can be made by treatment providers, service providers, employers and justice agencies, by:

  • filling in our secure online referral form
  • emailing referral details via confidential email to:
  • phoning our office on: (07) 3356 4242
  • mailing referral documents to: PO Box 187, Grange Qld 4051
  • faxing a referral letter or request to: (07) 3356 4016*

Medical professionals can also send referrals to Q-Psych via Medical Objects.

Individuals or their families or carers may self-refer by contacting us directly (a referral is not needed). Click here for more information.

Consent:  The person being referred for the service must consent to you making a referral to Q-Psych and to Q-Psych contacting them for an appointment.  The referred person must also be agreeable to any payment arrangements for service fees, including cancellation fees.

*Consider the Environment: Please note that we are a Green organisation and prefer electronic referrals (rather than faxes), to save paper and the environment.  Thank you! 

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