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Parent Courses – Children & Teens

siblings thumbnailBack by popular demand!  The following parents courses are being offered at Q-Psych to help parents and carers of 2-18 year olds learn new information and skills to make their parenting role easier and more enjoyable – and just in time for the next school holidays!  

Choose which program suits your parenting needs:

The 1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching parent course –  for parents and carers of 2-12 year old children – is commencing at Q-Psych on 30 August 2016.

The Engaging Adolescents® parent course –  for parents and carers of 13-18 year old teens – is commencing at Q-Psych on 1 September 2016.

Both programs run over three weeks (3 x 2hr sessions) in the evening for your convenience.  Find out more about the courses, including the topics covered, costs, rebates and registration details on our programs webpage here. Or, call (07) 3356 4242 and our programs co-ordinator, Claire, will be happy to help with any enquiries.

Registrations close 22 August 2016