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Meet Our Psychologists

We are a dedicated team of clinical, health, forensic and educational and developmental psychologists who aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. Due to our diverse training, qualifications, experiences and interests, we are able to cater to most anyone with most any need, and are likely to have a psychologist on our team who can assist you with your psychology service. Call us today. Our friendly support staff are here to help.

Psychology Team (L-R): Diane Barber (Director), Patrick Sullivan, Shannon Strecker, Jade Jensen, Dr Kerry Blackman, Dr Chelsea Leach, Bruce Hamilton and Kylie Warren. *Support staff below.

Finding the Right Psychologist for You!

At Q-Psych, we recognise that no one psychologist can help all clients. It is just not ethically or logistically possible!  It is true that all psychologists have training in general mental health conditions, but psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour (normal and abnormal), which is simply too diverse for any one person to be competent in all areas and contexts. We also understand the importance of a good client-therapist fit for best outcomes (‘different strokes for different folks’) and the value of having various psychologists available to work separately with clients from the same family or workplace, within the one setting. That is why we have teamed together, to combine our collective expertise in one practice, to best meet the diverse needs of Queenslanders in an ethical and responsible way.

We do this by booking clients with suitable psychologists, based on the client’s individual needs; our psychologists’ individual training, experiences, and service provisions; and other influential factors or client preferences, such as age, gender, therapeutic approach, conflicts of interest or schedule. We do not just book you with anyone!  For this reason, our reception staff may ask you some questions, such as a brief reason for your referral (you do not need to share more than you want). In most cases, we will have a psychologist who can assist you with your needs*. If we don’t, we will let you know and help you try to find a more suitable service.

The following information may help you decide if our service is a good fit for you. You can use this information to see if we have backgrounds in an area/s relevant to you (rather than search through individual bios!). Our reception staff (below) will also help match you to the most suitable psychologist for your needs when you contact us. And, our psychologists will happily answer any questions you may have about their professional background when you meet.

Registration and Membership

All Q-Psych psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Most of our psychologists are also members of our peak professional body, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and various APS Professional Colleges (membership is voluntary). A number of our psychologists also hold or have held executive positions on various APS committees and are Board-approved supervisors of psychologists in training.

Areas of Practice Endorsement

In addition to general registration, our team comprises psychologists who are registered in the following areas of practice endorsement (or who are completing a registrar program in):

Only psychologists registered in an area of practice endorsement can use the associated title (e.g. forensic psychologist). To be registered in an area of practice endorsement, psychologists must have completed a four-year Bachelor degree in psychology, followed by a four-year program of advanced training, comprising a Masters or Doctorate degree and a number of years of supervised practice in a post-graduate registrar program (or equivalent). That’s a total of eight years of full-time study and supervision! Psychologists are also required to complete professional development each year to maintain their skills and knowledge in their area/s of practice endorsement. Because all Q-Psych psychologists are registered in an area of practice endorsement, or are completing their post-graduate registrar program towards endorsement, you can be confident in choosing Q-Psych for your psychology service.

To learn more about psychology qualifications, training and areas of practice endorsement, click here

Our Skills

In addition to post-graduate training in the above areas of practice endorsement, our psychologists have undertaken advanced training in many specific therapies, assessment tools, psychological issues (see webpages), and client populations, enabling us to provide competent and effective psychology services to maximise clients’ outcomes. All of our psychologists are also trained or accredited to deliver various therapeutic and psycho-educational group programs.  And, we all undertake regular professional development and supervision to update and review our skills.

Our Experience

Our psychologists have collective experience working in a wide variety of settings, including:

Clinical settings:
  • Hospital inpatient/outpatient clinics
  • Community mental health services
  • Acute care services
  • War Veterans mental health unit
  • Eating disorders clinic
  • Dual disability unit (The Park)
  • Substance use treatment services
Health settings
  • Weight and body image clinic
  • Diabetes and Endocrine unit
  • Quit smoking programs
  • Health rehabilitation
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • Women’s health service
  • Alcohol and drug services
Child & Family settings
  • Schools (primary, secondary, special ed)
  • Child and youth mental health services
  • At-risk youth services and shelters
  • Autism services
  • Cerebral palsy league
  • Grief/loss counselling services
  • Family counselling
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Child safety and protection services
  • Child and youth forensic services
  • Family shelters (incl. domestic violence)
Forensic settings
  • Community forensic mental health services (adult and youth)
  • Forensic psychiatric facilities (The Park)
  • Prisons and remand centres (men’s and women’s)
  • Youth detention centres
  • Probation and parole services
  • Drug court
  • Alcohol and illicit drug diversion programs
  • Child safety
  • Domestic Violence programs
  • Family court and dispute resolution
  • Police and Watchhouse

Our Support Staff

Our friendly reception and support staff provide exceptional customer service to our clients, our referrers and our psychologists. Call today to speak with Kylie, Cassandra or Georgia who will happily help you with your booking or assist you with any enquiries. Our Director is also available for more complex enquiries requiring professional expertise.

L-R: Kylie (Customer Liaison Officer), Cassandra (Receptionist) and Georgia (Receptionist)

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