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Health Psychologists

Are you living with chronic illness, disability or pain? Are you recovering from a medical condition or injury? Do you need help to improve your sleep, lose weight or quit smoking?  Do you require NDIS-related services? The health psychologists at Q-Psych can help.

Our clinical and health psychologists have experience working in a variety of health settings, including hospitals, chronic disease clinics, weight clinics, acute health care services, health rehabilitation services, allied health services, and drug and alcohol services.

How can we help? Our psychologists use psychological approaches and strategies to help people adjust to their condition or situation, reduce unwanted emotions, change harmful habits, establish healthy behaviours, improve sleep, engage in meaningful activities, self-manage their treatment, find effective solutions to overcome challenges, foster well-being and improve their general quality of life.

We provide our health psychology services in our Brisbane psychology centre and at other agreed sites via our mobile outreach service.

The types of health problems we can assist with include:

  • ChronSenior Man Trying To Sit Downic Illness (e.g. diabetes, arthritis, crohns disease, etc)
  • Cancer and other serious conditions
  • Chronic or sporadic pain
  • Injury (e.g. burns)
  • Physical disabilities
  • Sleep-Wake Problems
  • Weight problems
  • Ageing-related concerns
  • Pregnancy and Fertility concerns
  • Smoking, alcohol or other drug use
  • Other harmful health behaviours

Dietitian services

Dietitian, Cathy Purcell of Nutrition Equipped, is also available for consultations at Q-Psych. Visit our blog page or click here to book an appointment with Cathy or find out more. Please note that enquiries to Q-Psych about dietitian services will be forwarded to Cathy.

**Try our Mindfulness for Beginners program** 

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