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Forensic Psychologists

Call Q-Psych today, if you or a client require any of the following forensic psychology services, provided by qualified and experienced forensic psychologists. 

Our forensic psychologists have experience working in various forensic settings, including forensic psychiatric facilities, prisons and remand centres, probation and parole offices, mental health court, child protection agencies, forensic mental health services, forensic disability, youth detention centres, child and youth forensic services, drug court and drug diversion programs, police service, family dispute resolution, and other forensically-relevant settings (e.g. victim services, mental health, disability, child and family, aged-care etc).

Forensic Assessments, Reports & Expert Testimony

Q-Psych’s forensic psychologists are highly trained and qualified to provide forensic evaluations and expert testimony to assist courts, tribunals, government agencies and other legal decision-makers in the following areas:

Criminal Law & Youth Justice

  • 'Law' highlighted in greenrisk assessment and management (violence, sex offending, arson, stalking)
  • sentencing and parole decisions
  • malingering and deception
  • testimonial competence
  • fitness for trial
  • witness preparation
  • capacity to comply with orders

Child & Family Law

  • child protection and safety
  • child custody and access
  • parental competence and risk
  • parenting plans
  • family violence

iStock_000010764257SmallCivil & Administrative Law

  • victims’ compensation
  • immigration matters
  • workers’ compensation
  • personal injury claims
  • mental health court
  • guardianship decisions
  • suitability for Blue Card decisions
  • testamentary capacity
  • psychological autopsy (coroner’s court)

Information about our assessment approach is available here.

Treatment, Rehabilitation & Support Services

Our forensic psychologists provide psychological treatment, interventions and support to:

  • adult and juvenile offenders
  • illicit drug users
  • victims of crime
  • children in care
  • witnesses
  • police and justice staff
  • people with criminal impulse-control problems (e.g. pyromania, kleptomania, IED)
  • people at risk of violent or sexual offending (including youth, workers, and people with an intellectual disability)

We provide our treatment services in our Brisbane psychology centre or at correctional centres, probation and parole offices, and other agreed sites via our mobile outreach service. Please note, the safety of our staff and clients is our priority in accepting referrals.

circle-icon2Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation) Services

Confidential and non-adversarial mediation is provided by the highly experienced mediators from Queensland Family Mediation who operate from Q-Psych’s suites in Grange. Read more here.

Consultancy, Training & Supervision

We offer a range of consultancy and training services including:

  • trial consulting
  • case consultation
  • training for police, lawyers, corrective services and other agency staff, at request
  • supervision for forensic psychology registrars

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