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Q-Psych aims to make psychology services accessible by:

  • keeping our service fees below the recommended industry rates;
  • accepting various payment options (cash, Eftpos, credit card);
  • providing on-the-spot Medicare rebates and private health fund claims;
  • providing various third-party funded services, which cover eligible clients’ service fees (fully or partially); and
  • providing reduced fees for financially disadvantaged clients.

Service fee: Fees vary depending on the type of service you require, the number of persons attending (e.g. individual, couples, family, group) and the location and duration of your service. Fees are payable in full at the time of service (excluding third party payments). Late payment fees apply per our T&Cs. Please contact us for a quote based on your service needs and eligibility for a rebate.

Rebates: Medicare, private health and other rebates vary depending on the benefits you may qualify for and whether you have reached the Medicare Safety Net. Please note that rebates are not intended to cover the whole cost of your service and there will typically be an out-of-pocket expense (the difference between your service fee and any rebate or benefit). For your convenience, we process most rebates and private health claims at the time of payment, for prompt reimbursement to you. Learn more about rebates here. If you do not qualify for a rebate or third-party payment, the full service fee applies.

Medicare Safety Net: Your out-of-pocket costs for Medicare-rebated services will count towards your Medicare Safety Net. Once you reach the Safety Net, 80-90% of your service fee is covered by Medicare for the remainder of the calendar year to a capped amount (learn more about the safety net here).

Third party payments: In some instances, your fees may be fully or partially paid by a third party, with prior agreement. Examples include NDIS, DVA, WorkCover, Victim Assist, your employer (EAP), a private insurer or a Government agency. We recommend you check if you qualify for any of these third-party payments where available or applicable.

Financial hardship: We offer low-fee appointments to financially disadvantaged clients who meet certain eligibility criteria (proof required) and who can attend appointments at non-peak times, pending availability. Please note that low-fee services are not available for clients requiring clinical or forensic expertise, eating disorder services or regular case management; and it is ultimately at the discretion of the treating psychologist whether a low-fee service is suitable (or not) to provide the appropriate level of care a client may need. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer bulk billing due to insufficient funding by Medicare (this is an issue for Govt to address).

Quotes: The cost of your chosen service/s and estimated out-of-pocket costs will be quoted prior to your first consultation and specified on your Service Agreement. Quotes for assessments and training or presentations are also provided in writing.

Cancellation fees: We have a liberal cancellation policy and understand that circumstances can change. However, appointments that are missed or cancelled with insufficient notice will necessarily be charged a late cancellation fee. You can see our full cancellation policy here. To avoid cancellation fees, please contact us at your earliest convenience if you are unable to attend your appointment.

Wondering what your fees pay for? In addition to your session time with a psychologist with advanced training and expertise to assist you with your referral reason, we perform many non-billable out-of-session duties. These include session preparation, record keeping, scoring assessments, writing letters to referrers or service providers, correspondence with clients and stakeholders, case-management and crisis-care, research, and administrative and other professional duties, which we do not receive extra remuneration for. The service fee accounts for our time on these additional duties to ensure we can provide you with a professional and ethical service. Our psychologists are also independent practitioners (not employees) and Q-Psych is a family-owned business that supplies services and resources to enable our psychologists to provide their services to clients (with no Govt funding to do so). This means that both Q-Psych and our psychologists incur operational costs for each appointment (including cancellations), such as providing a professional premises, therapy and assessment resources, and support staff to assist our clients and us in service provisions. To be registered to practice and meet our business obligations, we also incur costs for mandatory professional registration and insurances, ongoing training and supervision, professional memberships, and superannuation and taxes; and, in most cases, are still paying fees (e.g. HECS) for the six plus years of university training required to become a psychologist with advanced training. Phew! We also incur lost income when clients cancel or do not attend appointments and, as sole traders, we do not receive leave entitlements. Consequently, and just like any other private professional small business (e.g. lawyers, accountants, tradespersons), we rely on service fees to cover our business expenses and earn a sustainable income, so we can continue to provide quality psychology services to all our clients. We thank you for your understanding.

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