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Dietitian Services

Did you know? Dietitian, Cathy Purcell of Nutrition Equipped, is now available for consultations at Q-Psych. 

Cathy provides nutrition advice and meal plans for a wide range of health concerns, including over/underweight, diabetes, heart health, gut problems, coeliac disease, osteoporosis, cancer and more.

She also provides nutrition advice for pregnancy, exercise and fitness, vegetarian or vegan diets, and health eating for different stages of life.

Cathy is also a facilitator of the FREE My Health for Life program (Qld Govt initiative).

To book an appointment with Cathy or to find out more, please visit the Nutrition Equipped website, here

You do not need to be a Q-Psych client to access Cathy’s services, however she is available to provide conjunct nutrition advice to any Q-Psych clients who wish to access her services.

*Please note that enquiries to Q-Psych about dietician services will be forwarded to Cathy.