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Child & Youth Psychologists


Is your child experiencing social, emotional or behavioural problems? Do you have concerns about your child’s educational progress? Are you having difficulty parenting your child? Does your child require NDIS services? The child and youth psychologists at Q-Psych can help.

Our child and youth psychologists have experience working with young people and their families in a variety of settings including schools, disability services, child safety services, crisis shelters, family counselling and mediation services, at-risk youth services, and forensic mental health and youth justice services.

Our NDIS-registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist is especially qualified to assist young people with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism (ASD) and ADHD; social, emotional or behavioural difficulties; and learning or school-related problems.  And, our Forensic Psychologists help young people who have been victimised or are involved with the youth justice system. Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution practitioner can also help separated or divorced parents to resolve their parenting disputes. 

The psychology services we offer children, youth and parents include:

  • psychological, developmental, cognitive and academic achievement assessments
  • age-appropriate therapies and interventions for children and adolescents (3yrs-19yrs)
  • programs for children, adolescents, senior students, and parents
  • family therapy and family mediation (parent-teen, whole-family, and separated parents)
  • psychoeducation for parents, carers, schools and agency staff
  • child protection, youth justice and family court reports
  • consultation and case-management with schools, agencies and other professionals
  • professional training and supervision.

The types of problems and concerns we can assist with include:

Mental health concerns: 

  • iStock_000016678361XSmallanxiety (e.g. separation, social or generalised anxiety)
  • depression
  • excessive fears and phobias
  • childhood trauma 
  • attachment disorders
  • eating disorders
  • body dysmorphia
  • early onset psychosis

(Neuro) Developmental concerns:

Behavioural concerns:

School-related concerns:

  • School boy in classroom at lessonschool readiness (prep)
  • learning and achievement problems
  • giftedness and learning extension needs
  • school avoidance or refusal
  • performance anxiety
  • peer problems (e.g. bullying, conflict)
  • school-based behaviour problems
  • problems with transition
  • study skills and stress management
  • school or learning disengagement

Teenage concerns:

  • iStock_000002127115XSmallpeer pressure
  • relationship issues
  • body image
  • sexuality issues
  • drug and alcohol problems
  • self-esteem and identity issues
  • early school leavers
  • career guidance and planning
  • sexual health and pregnancy
  • transition to adulthood
  • general teen angst
  • other personal issues

Parent concerns:

Family-related concerns:

  • sibling rivalryIt's always hardest on the children...
  • family conflict or stress
  • family trauma, grief or loss
  • adjusting to divorce or separation
  • new family structures (e.g. blended)
  • family member with chronic illness
  • family violence


We provide our child and youth psychology services in our dedicated child and youth therapy room at our family-friendly psychology centre in Brisbane. We also travel to homes, schools and agencies as required (travel fees apply).

Our philosophy and goals for working with young people:

At Q-Psych, our goal is not to pathologise young people, but rather to help them develop new skills, adjust to difficult situations, resolve any mental distress, improve their level of functioning, and reduce problems within their control, so they may feel safe, confident, capable and optimistic in their daily lives and have the best chance of reaching their full potential as adults. In some instances, young people do have conditions for which medical intervention is necessary, in which case we aim to work with medical practitioners to provide a holistic approach to treatment to maximise results. In all instances, we support the early identification and treatment of developmental and mental health problems, and the involvement of families, schools and treatment providers, for the best possible outcomes. 


Our child and youth psychologists are also concerned with helping young people and their families develop healthy positive relationships and home lives, for the benefit of all family members.

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