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What is the role of a child psychologist?

Young boy sitting on the couch with a woman holding a clipboard What is the role of a child psychologist
A child psychologist will perform an assessment of your child’s psychological, cognitive, emotional health using age-appropriate standardized assessment tools. A child psychologist will evaluate if your child is having difficulties in any area. Next, an appropriate treatment plan will be developed that will help your child feel better and reach age-appropriate target goals.

What does the child Psychologist do?

A child psychologist will perform an assessment of your child’s psychological, cognitive and emotional health through using standardized testing and evaluation methods.

Once the psychologist understands what challenges your child is dealing with, a treatment plan is developed that will help your child reach his or her full potential.

Concerns that may bring a child to a psychologist

Children are often brought to see a psychologist if parents, teachers, or medical professionals are concerned about meeting typical developmental milestones either socially, behaviourally, or academically.

Concerns not directly related to the child can also bring a child to see a psychologist. For example, parents may want to help their child cope with a family crisis such as divorce, death, or a serious illness in the family. Similarly, mental illness or addiction in the family can also affect children.  Talking to a psychologist will benefit the child and help them deal with the uncertainty, confusion, and stress that comes with difficult family situations.

The goal of therapy

The goal of working with a child psychologist is not to pathologize or label your child with a disorder. Instead, we want to help your child develop skills, adjust well to difficult situations, and learn how to cope with and manage difficult feelings.

When children learn to manage their own emotions, cope with stress, they may begin to feel confident and optimistic about themselves and their abilities.

Teaching children skills as they mature gives them the best chance of reaching their full potential as adults.

In all instances, we support the early identification and treatment of developmental and mental health problems. We encourage the involvement of families, schools, and other professionals working with the child for the best possible outcomes.

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