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About Q-Psych

Welcome! Q-Psych is a multi-service psychology centre providing a wide range of psychology services to meet the diverse needs of Queenslanders. Based in Brisbane, we offer:

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Who we help: Anyone*

To ensure we can competently assist a wide range of Queenslanders, our psychologists have undertaken advanced training to further their knowledge and skills in working with a variety of specific client groups. As a result, we are likely to have a psychologist on our team who can assist you with your psychology needs. Call now! 

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What we offer: Any need*

With the collective skills of our psychologists, Q-Psych is able to offer a broad range of psychology services to meet the diverse needs of Queenslanders. Whether your psychology need is straightforward or complicated, Q-Psych is likely to have a service for you.
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Where we work: Anywhere*

We provide psychology services at our conveniently located psychology centre in Brisbane and throughout Queensland via our mobile outreach service.    [Read more…]

Meet Our Psychologists

We are a dedicated team of psychologists with advanced training and relevant professional experience, which we apply to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.  [Read more…]

Our Psychology Centre

Q-Psych’s Brisbane-based psychology centre is a bright, modern, spacious and comfortable therapeutic setting that caters to clients of all ages and needs.

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Our Vision, Objectives & Values

Q-Psych psychologists are committed to the following vision, mission, purpose, objectives and values. [Read more…]

Our Symbol: The Windmill

WindmillCurious about what our logo, the windmill, represents?   [Read more…]