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Children with Autism or PDD

Under the Helping Children with Autism initiative, children with autism and other pervasive development disorders can receive Medicare rebates for:

  • up to four allied health assessments per child, including psychological assessments, to assist with diagnosis and treatment planning, AND
  • up to 20 allied health treatment services per child, including psychology services, for children diagnosed with autism or PDD before 13yrs of age.

Program requirements:

  • children must be referred by their paediatrician or psychiatrist, under the Helping Children with Autism MBS items*.
  • children must be under 13 years of age to receive the assessment services.
  • to receive the treatment services, children must have been assessed and diagnosed prior to 13 years of age, however
  • treatment services can be delivered until the eligible child is 15 years of age.

Q-Psych’s Educational & Developmental psychologists are included on the APS Autism and PDD Identified Practitioners List, indicating they have met competency criteria to provide these services.

For more information see Helping Children with Autism.

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*(Psychiatrist item no’s: assessment [296-370, excl. 359] and treatment [289];  Paediatrician item no’s: assessment [110-131] and treatment [135])