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Q-Psych is committed to making psychology services accessible to Queenslanders with the following initiatives:

  • keeping our service fees below the recommended industry rates
  • accepting various payment options (cash, Eftpos, credit card)
  • providing on-the-spot Medicare rebates and private health fund claims
  • being registered with various Government compensation schemes which may cover eligible clients’ service fees
  • allocating a limited number of bulk bill sessions for financially disadvantaged clients

Service fee: Fees vary depending on the type of service you require, the number of persons attending (e.g. individual, couples, family), and the location and duration of your service. Your out-of-pocket costs will also vary depending on available rebates (see information below). Please contact us for a quote based on your service needs and eligibility for a rebate.

Rebates: Medicare, private health and other rebates vary depending on the benefits you may qualify for and whether you have reached the Medicare Safety Net. As rebates are not intended to cover the whole cost of your service, there will usually be a gap fee to pay. Learn more about rebates here.

Gap fee:  Your gap fee is the difference between your service fee and any allowable rebate (e.g. Medicare or Private Health), and is your “out-of-pocket” expense. Your gap fee for Medicare services will count towards your Medicare Safety Net, which provides a 80-90% rebate on subsequent services (capped) (learn more about the safety net here). If you do not qualify for a rebate, the full service fee applies.

Third party payments: In some instances, your fees may be fully or partially paid by a third party (e.g. employer, insurer, compensation scheme, agency), with prior agreement.

Financially disadvantaged clients: We offer bulk-billed appointments for financially disadvantaged clients referred via the Brisbane MIND program (no restrictions) or Medicare’s BAMHC scheme (limited appointments available). To access our Medicare bulk-billed services, you must be receiving Newstart Allowance or the Disability or Aged Pension (proof required). Your GP will assess your eligibility for a Brisbane MIND referral. Please advise your psychologist if you are experiencing temporary financial hardship, but do not qualify for bulk-billing and they will discuss the possibility of alternative fee or service arrangements with you. Please understand that discounted fees must be limited and can not be guaranteed.

Quotes: The cost of your chosen service/s and estimated gap fee (out-of-pocket expense) will be quoted prior to your first consultation. Quotes for assessments are provided in writing.

Payments & Rebates: Fees are payable in full at the time of service (excluding third party providers). For your convenience, we process most government rebates (e.g. Medicare, DVA) and private health claims at the time of payment, for immediate reimbursement to you.

Cancellation fees: We have a liberal cancellation policy (available here) and understand that circumstances can change. However, appointments that are missed or cancelled on the day they were scheduled will necessarily be charged at the full fee of your booked service. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, if you are unable to attend your appointment.

Wondering what your fees pay for?  In addition to your session time with a psychologist with advanced training and in a comfortable setting, we perform out-of-session duties, such as session preparation, record keeping, writing letters to GPs and other treatment providers, scoring assessments, case-management and crisis-care, correspondence with clients and stakeholders, and administrative and other professional duties, for which we do not receive extra payment. The service fee provides for our time on these additional duties to ensure you receive a professional and ethical service. As we are private independent practitioners, we also personally incur operational costs for all appointments (including cancellations); fund our own mandatory professional training, supervision and resources; are responsible for our own insurances, superannuation, leave and taxes; and, in most cases, are still paying fees (e.g. HECS) associated with the eight years of full-time training we completed to gain advanced skills for the benefit of our clients. We also incur lost income when clients cancel or do not attend appointments. Consequently, we rely on the timely payment of client fees to cover our costs and losses and earn a sustainable income, so we may continue to provide quality psychology services to all clients. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

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