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Brisbane MIND (Mental Illness)

If you hold a health care card, pension card or experience financial hardship speak to your GP about a referral through the Brisbane MIND program*.

Clients referred through the Brisbane MIND program can receive up to twelve (12) bulk-billed psychological treatment sessions per calendar year (i.e. no out-of-pocket expenses).

To be eligible for a Brisbane MIND referral, the client must:

  • have a clinical diagnosis of mental illness
  • be vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • be unable to access other services
  • be able to benefit from short term psychological intervention, and
  • be referred by a GP following the completion of a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)

Brisbane MIND referrals are not available to clients who are already receiving (or have received) treatment under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, in the same calendar year.

Please note that in addition to general eligibility criteria, GPs only have access to a limited number of referrals to the Brisbane MIND program each financial year (determined by the PHN).  Your GP can provide you with further information about your eligibility and/or their ability to refer you to Q-Psych through the Brisbane MIND program.

*To be referred under a Brisbane MIND program, your GP will need to make the referral to one of the following Q-Psych psychologists (approved Brisbane MIND service providers):

  • Dr Natasha Alexander
  • Dr Christina Clarke
  • Dr Chelsea Leach
  • Diane Barber
  • Gail Corrigan
  • Alithea Taylor
  • Shannon Strecker

We recommend you contact Q-Psych prior to seeing your GP, so we can advise who is the most appropriate psychologist to suit your treatment needs.

*Brisbane MIND is funded by the Australian  Government Department of Health and is managed by the Brisbane North Primary Health Network.

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