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Brisbane MIND (Mental Illness)

If you hold a healthcare card or pension card, speak to your GP about a referral through the Brisbane MIND program*.

Clients referred through the Brisbane MIND program can receive up to twelve (12) bulk-billed psychological treatment sessions per calendar year (i.e. no out-of-pocket expenses).

To be eligible for a Brisbane MIND referral, the client must:

  • be aged 12 years and older
  • have a clinical diagnosis of mental illness
  • be vulnerable and disadvantaged
  • be unable to access other services
  • be able to benefit from short term psychological intervention, and
  • be referred by a GP following the completion of a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)

Please note that GPs only have access to a limited number of referrals to the Brisbane MIND program each year and referrals are at your GPs discretion.  Your GP can provide you with further information about your eligibility and/or their ability to refer you to Q-Psych through the Brisbane MIND program.

*To be referred under a Brisbane MIND program, your GP will need to make the referral to one of the following Q-Psych psychologists (approved Brisbane MIND service providers):

  • Diane Barber
  • Jade Jensen
  • Dr Melieta Bianchi
  • Dr Tim Lowry
  • Dr Chelsea Leach
  • Shannon Strecker

You are welcome to contact Q-Psych to check who may be the most appropriate psychologist to suit your specific treatment needs.

*Brisbane MIND is funded by the Australian  Government Department of Health and is managed by the Brisbane North Primary Health Network.

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